Vigil for George Floyd

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         Vigil for George Floyd
         This Friday, June 12th
      6:15 PM
     Mill Creek Church Grounds
        Next to Paper Mill Park

We will be hosting a Silent Protest on church grounds, this Friday evening at 6:15 pm. We plan to gather together (while practicing social distancing) to hear a few words from Rev. Greg, followed by a reading of a poem by Prakash Vaidy, and ending with a silent remembrance of 8 minutes, 46 seconds during which we may kneel or stand with heads bowed.  It is our intention to assemble along the portion of church property closest to the park and Polly Drummond Hill Road so as to be as visible as possible to the public.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a homemade sign; we will have a few on hand. We hope for this to be a safe and communal way to come together to show love and support for our black brothers and sisters. It will be our collective gesture to acknowledge the injustice and tragedies of the past and the present, and our active demonstration of the first Unitarian Principle: the inherent worth and dignity of every person.
































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