UUDAN 2020: What Must We Do Now?

What Must We Do Now?
UUDAN Annual Meeting
Monday, May 8, 7:00 to 8:30 pm

The Unitarian Universalist Delaware Advocacy Network (UUDAN) invites all Delaware UUs to join our annual meeting via Zoom on Monday evening, May 18th at 7:00 PM.

Our Forum will offer UU perspectives on social action during this critical time.  Our speakers include Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Director of Activism and Justice Education, UU Service Committee; Susan Goekler, former chair, UUA Commission on Social Witness and member of UUs of Southern Delaware in Lewes, where she is co-chair of the social and environmental justice committee; and Delaware State Rep. Paul Baumbach (District 23), a member of the UU Fellowship of Newark.

They will address the question: “What Must We Do Now?”

If you would like to join this important meeting on Zoom, click this link to register.

“What Must We Do Now?” acknowledges that our society has plunged into a time of terrible crisis, we are all called to reinvent ourselves as individuals and organizations.  UUDAN seeks members of Delaware congregations to engage with us in this process.  While legislative advocacy remains UUDAN’s primary focus, our denomination is now calling on us to “UU the Vote,” fighting voter suppression, registering underrepresented groups, and increasing access to the electoral process.

At our annual meeting, we will discuss campaigns that UUDAN is developing in preparation for the truncated 151st Delaware General Assembly as well as UU the Vote engagement.  UUDAN will also elect Steering Committee and Leadership Team members at the annual meeting.  We’re asking UUs to join UUDAN and offering an expanded menu of volunteer opportunities.

To register for the annual meeting the annual meeting, click here.

Consistent with our denomination’s focus on “deeds not creeds,”  Unitarian Universalists have created a robust social justice organizational infrastructure.  Congregational social justice committees provide the foundation for UU social justice organizing guided and assisted by an array of national organizations including the UUA, UUSC, and the UU College of Social Justice.

Starting in the early 2000s, UU State Action Networks or SANs were formed in California and New York. The SANs movement has grown to include 21 state networks including UUDAN.  This evolution has led to the creation of two new national organizations including the Coalition of UU State Action Networks (CUUSAN) as well as UU’s for Social Justice which is a new national advocacy organization based in Washington DC.

You can become a member of UUDAN, an association of individuals (not congregations) who wish to proclaim and assert UU values in the the community, in social justice work, and in Delaware politics. To join UUDAN click here. (Separate registration from annual meeting.)

Virtual advocacy is not constrained by geographic boundaries. This year, UUDAN members have phone-banked in Tennessee and Louisiana and text-banked in Maine to expand absentee voting by mail, protecting both our democracy and our health.  We stand ready to do the same in Delaware.

The next decade promises revolutionary change at both the national and state levels.  While our physical movement is now constrained, technology offers an ever-expanding array of virtual communication tools.  UUs cannot sit on the sidelines during this historic time.

Register for  our annual meeting on May 18th.

To download a pdf version of this announcement, click here.



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