ROV Postcard Campaign Targets South Carolina

Buckle up Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) postcard volunteers!  Our campaign is shifting to Berkeley County South Carolina on the coast near Charleston.  This is our next battleground in the fight to enfranchise voters of color for the critical 2020 election.

More than 150 years after the Civil War the forces of Suppression remain energized and powerful.  Our denomination is calling us to engage at this pivotal moment to UU the Vote.

Early this month we finished sending 3,000 postcards to Florida.  We’re now in the process of distributing another 4,700 to our congregational UU the Vote Teams which have grown to more than 50 volunteers.

Ashley Horan from the UUA, is asking UUs to “take a shift for the revolution” and UU the Vote.  Here in Delaware we’ve developed a network of volunteers who will deliver ROV postcards, addresses, labels, guidelines and postage (if required) so that you can write and personalize these powerful messages.

Many volunteers have generously contributed their time as well as the cost of postage at $.35 per card.  UUDAN also has some funding to help with postage.

Many of the people we’re contacting have been purged from voter rolls.  Our postcards inform them that “you may no longer be registered to vote. Check your voter registration status” providing them the URL and phone number for the local Board of Elections.

Join us in our Delaware UU the Vote campaign.

Click here to Volunteer.


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