Environmental Justice

Renewable Energy Legislation

With the recent observance of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, it is time for Delaware to take the next step toward a clean energy future.  Senator McDowell has announced his intention to file legislation that brings Delaware’s renewable energy legislation up-to-date and in line with developments in the energy industry.  This legislation would facilitate state efforts to improve health, promote clean green jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions.

The bill has three major provisions:

1) It increases the state renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS) to 40% by 2035. We believe this is an achievable and sustainable goal that aligns with the timing of utility contracts in the state.

2) It establishes a new control mechanism — the Alternative Compliance Payment — to determine compliance with the RPS threshold. This new calculation will allow the state to accurately capture the true cost of renewable energy to consumers.

3) It creates a model community solar program for the people, allowing residents, non-profits, churches, and small businesses to come together to create community-centered solar projects that directly benefit local residents. This program grants access to renewable energy to people who may not have the infrastructure or means to participate.

UUDAN is supporting Sen. McDowell’s legislation to modify the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act and to create the Community Sustainable Energy Authorities Act.  Left unresolved, these issues could have a lasting detrimental impact on our state’s energy security and on hundreds of existing and potential clean energy jobs in Delaware.