Demand Action in Dover

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On May 19th, the New York Times reported that “mass shootings” in 2018 already exceeded 100 including last week’s shooting at a Texas high school.  A mass shooting involves four or more people injured or killed in a single event at the same time and location.  The Times editorial also documented the lack of federal action to reduce gun violence.

The absence of a federal response reinforces the need for state action.  Nine bills have been introduced in the Delaware General Assembly to reduce gun violence, but only two have been passed.  When the legislature resumes session early in June, they will have less than a month to act on this urgent agenda which includes banning bump stocks, assault weapons, and large capacity magazines, updating gun storage laws, and raising the legal age to buy firearms.

Contact your Senator and Representative to support gun safety in Delaware.  Gun safety has strangely become an intensely controversial issue.  Even while the legislature is not in session, communications regarding this issue will be carefully tracked and tabulated in Dover.   Now is the time for gun safety advocates to make their voices heard.


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